The first day of the SciTech Futures ideation exercise is coming to a close and the great ideas are already rolling in, from the ethical limits of AI super soldiers, to cybernetic insects, to portable reconnaissance devices that tap into a building’s wiring.

In our first day of action, we received 29 unique sparks in the Imaginarium, 31 fully formed ideas that have inspired conversation and led to 48 improvements in the Workshop and 11 Ideas that have already migrated to the Marketplace that have garnered over $60,000 in investment in the Marketplace. Will exponential human intelligence occur next year? In 2035? Never? Let us know by voting on the timeline.

After one day, the top scoring player according to our leaderboard is redcell254 with nmk47 and Echo rounding out top 3.

The Spark with the most reactions so far is “Cybernetic Insects. Seriously”; and the Sparks that inspired the most ideas were “Space junk everywhere” and “Ethical Limits of AI and Robotics to Build Super Soldiers” each spinning up three ideas in the Workshop. The idea that generated the most discussion was Machine Augmentation to Staff Functions.

Our artists started a few concept drawings like the header image, inspired by the idea Small robots for mining resources or for cleaning up pollution.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more concepts from 2045. See you in-game!