We’re rushing towards the end of our first week as day 4 comes to a close, so here’s a quick update on the exercise so far. It’s been a busy week, maybe some AI propaganda is just the thing to get you through until Friday. On the robot side, Thunderbolt proposed “Robotic CASEVAC” to get soldiers out of sticky situations. But why put soldiers on the front line at all, Echo asks, with the “Ultra-fast battlefield.”

Checking in on the Imaginarium, we’re up to 56 Sparks, 66 Ideas in the Workshop, and 55 in the Marketplace. The FC-48 Fabship has moved up as the highest scored Idea in the Workshop, and Recon-by-Wire remains at the top of the investment charts.

As for the Leaderboard, shout out to k3nsh1n for the 1337 handle, and redcell254 for holding on to the top spot.

Below are a few more concept images inspired by your submissions to get you through the week. In the meantime, shoot us your best robot generated tweets @scitechfutures. We’ll be back tomorrow, barring the AI apocalypse.