We’re rolling right into the second week of our March exercise, with another seven days of advanced robots, unbound AI’s, and your vision of 2045. Echo has a great idea for a smart sensor with a clever flashbang, while we’re seeing some, ehem, familiar ideas in advance of the release of a certain cyperpunk adventure next week, must be some major fans. Wherever you draw your inspiration, keep the ideas coming, and reach out on twitter, @scitechfutures.

We’ve crossed 450 reactions in the Imaginarium, with 73 total Sparks, with the most reacted to being “Cybernetic Insects. Seriously.” while “Automation of small arms fires” has inspired the most ideas. Speaking of Ideas, there are 90 under construction in the Workshop, with 55 having been inspired by Sparks. “Go Medieval” by bpybus overtook FC-48 Fabshift aircraft by augustcole on as the highest scoring idea. In the Marketplace 70 items are gathering investment, with 487 separate investments so far. “Recon-by-Wire” posted by gcoyote leads in dollar amount, while “WE are the BORG” contributed by gbertoli is leading the conversation.

Echo leads the scoring for Monday and is closing the gap on leader redcell254, but with a week to go, anyone with a great spark or idea can make a run to the top of the leaderboard.

AI deep sea exploration

AI Deep Sea Exploration

Multi-mode laser designator

Multi-mode Laser Designator

mobile protected firepower

Mobile Protected Firepower

robotic subterranean operations

Robotic Subterranean Operations