When thinking about the future, it’s good to look back at where we were as many years ago as we’re looking forward. 28 years ago, personal computers were taking off, CD’s were new technology, and nobody had seen a 3D printer or a quadcopter outside of a lab. Now, that describes a Radio Shack… which won’t exist in 2045. What big leaps are we missing between now and then? Is it AI medics and smart tourniquets, as nate_f and Adaptive are suggesting? Or will hyperintelligent malware drive all but the most hardened networks offline? Will that bring back vinyl?

We’ve crossed 500 reactions in the Imaginarium, with 81 total Sparks, with the most reacted to being “Electromagnetic propulsion.” while “Commemorative and Surrogate Chat Bots” has inspired the most ideas. Speaking of Ideas, there are 113 under construction in the Workshop, with 70 having been inspired by Sparks. “Go Medieval” by bpybus is the highest scoring idea. In the Marketplace 90 items are gathering investment, with 586 separate investments so far. The rich keep on getting richer as “Recon-by-Wire” posted by gcoyote leads in dollar amount, while “WE are the BORG” contributed by gbertoli is leading the conversation.

Redcell254 topped the scoring for Tuesday but new entrant Adaptive made a strong play, not only coming in a close second, but also breaking into the top 10 on the leaderboard. Will you be the next player to make a run to the top? If you do, shout it out on Twitter, and make sure to mentioon us, @scitechfutures. We’ll be back tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s what caught the eye of the concept artists.

electromagnetic propulsion

Electromagnetic Propulsion

mobile protected firepower

Mobile Protected Firepower

Soft Robotic Wearables Now – Autonomous Tourniquet

Soft Robotic Wearables Now – Autonomous Tourniquet

small nuclear power source

Small Nuclear Power Sources