In partnership with TRADOC Mad Scientist, we’re pleased to announce our next exercise, “Bio Convergence & Soldier 2050” kicking off 5 March 2018.

The convergence of bio, neuro, nano, quantum, and information technologies is driving revolutions in sensing, data acquisition and retrieval, and computer processing hardware. This rapid convergence is creating a new environment where humans must co-evolve with technologies. What does this mean for the character of war? How will the Army have to adapt?

TRADOC Mad Scientist is holding their annual conference with SRI International 8-9 March, and our team will be on hand to introduce SciTech Futures and ask participants their ideas about Bio Convergence. If you’d like to follow along, you can stream the proceedings from the comfort of your own desk.

For this exercise, we’re asking players to consider the the changes that Bio Convergence is bringing to the battlefield and at home, from today through 2050. The exercise runs from 4 to 16 March right here.