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Our latest exercise is now open! Join our community of experts, analysts, and creatives as we discuss the logistical challenges of urban campaigns both today and towards 2035. What disruptive technologies and doctrines will our forces and our adversaries have available in 2035? What can we do today to make sure we have the field ready gear to win in 2035’s urban conflicts? Dive into the game right now.

  • What are the logistical challenges of fighting towards, in, and around dense urban environments?
  • How are emerging S&T trends going to disrupt operations and logistics for both friendly forces and adversaries?
  • How will urban environments change as we approach 2035, and what impact will that have on conventional and unconventional conflicts?
  • From C4ISR to civil infrastructure, what are the keys to controlling a future city?

We’ve upgraded our ideation platform with new features for better collaboration and quicker play, as well as dozens of smaller improvements. Outputs of this exercise will set the stage for an in-person “concepting” event, where S&T professionals, futures thinkers, and other experts will combine the most compelling ideas into narratives that will inform future Army wargames and S&T strategy.