We’re halfway through our latest futures ideation exercise, and there’s still plenty of time to add your thoughts on the Urban OE of 2035. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few ideas that players have already submitted. They paint a picture of future megacities, from drones racing up the streets to self propelled caches of supplies.

Recruit Drone Racers for Urban Recon: While the glowing goggles and fancy sneakers of the professional FPV drone racer might seem pretty far removed from current military UAS pilots, they might find themselves on the front lines of a future urban conflict. FPV drone racing moves fast and breaks a lot of drones, but cheap, adaptable UAS might be perfect for tight urban environments.Mobile Small-Scale Resupply Caches: Long patrols through a megacity lugging 80lbs of specialized gear isn’t anybody’s idea of a good time, but mobile supply caches can lighten packs and help missions adapt. Think you’ll need one of those clever FPV drones? Lock them up somewhere safe on the patrol route. Fresh batteries, extra ammo, and even some snacks. Just don’t call them loot boxes.

Urban infrastructre combat command capability: “With the rise of SmartCities as an infrastructure, we could design cities to also be defensible though the ‘deliberate mis-use’ of systems in a controlled manner.” Autonomous cars blocking intersections while delivery drones buzz hostile vehicles. Maintenance UGSs armed with repurposed tools roaming an abandoned arcology. I bet those FPV drone racers would love it…


This is just a glimpse at everything that’s been submitted. Thanks to all the players who’ve submitted ideas so far, the exercise is open through Monday.