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Guided Infrared munitions. Electronic warfare. Encrypted communications. That’s not a list of technologies that keeps the United States ahead; it’s what our adversaries are using today.  And the message is clear: the battlefield of 2045 will be unrecognizable to the soldiers of today.

So in the midst of a proliferating ability to innovate, seismic demographic changes, and increasingly complex national security scenarios, we know the world of 2045  will be vastly different.  And Army S&T needs your help to understand what this means for the Army.

In our ideation exercises, we invite you to join fellow thought leaders from across the defense, academic, and creative communities in a series of web-based games exploring deep questions about how science and technology might transform the U.S. Army and the world. Do we need a US Space Force? If the worldwide cattle industry become uber-ed what will those workers do? When we hit the singularity, will computers use machine learning to understand intent, emotional responses, and social tendencies to manipulate us?

Through these games, a worldwide community of players will envision future technologies, explore opportunities, examine risks, and challenge conventional wisdom. By sharing your thoughts and insights, you can help Army leaders gain a fresh, outside perspective and shape over $2 billion dollars in annual research and development investments.

So put your futurist hat on, indulge your inner Ray Bradbury, and we’ll see you in game!

The Futures Project is just one of many US Government efforts aimed at leveraging the collective wisdom and ability of the American public.  For information about our own effort as well as other USG Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science programs please click here.

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