Imagine the applications and implications of robotics and artificial intelligence in 2045

How to Play

Welcome to the latest edition of our SciTech Futures exercise.

By 2045, Army forces will have to move faster, farther, and more efficiently, delivering effects with pinpoint precision while protecting civilians and critical infrastructure. Join a community of scientists, writers, and other creative minds in envisioning how S&T will change the world as we know it.

The purpose of this online campaign is to crowdsource ideas that will impact the future of science and technology. There are three areas you can explore in-game: the Imaginarium, the Workshop, and the Marketplace. The goal of this exercise is to come up with a spark or kernel of an idea in the Imaginarium that inspires a more fleshed out idea in the Workshop. The Workshop ideas can be improved upon by other players and pinned to a specific point in the future. The best ideas as chosen by the crowd then migrate to the Marketplace, where players can invest in and comment upon their favorite ideas. The authors of the ideas that receive the highest virtual investments will receive high resolution graphic art by our resident artists and the top rated ideas will viewed by high ranking US Army personnel.


  • The Imaginarium is where players add short ideas (sparks) and react within four criteria.
  • The Workshop is where players flesh out their own ideas and build upon the ideas of  the crowd.
  • The Marketplace is where players invest in the best ideas that are most compelling for the world of 2045.

The Imaginarium

The Imaginarium is a space for players to post pictures, videos, news articles, and any other content that can help spark ideas about future technologies. It’s a place to explore if you’d like some inspiration – think of it like a virtual corkboard full of images and information designed to get your creative juices flowing.

What can you do in the Imaginarium?

You can add Sparks to the Imaginarium by clicking the “Add New Spark” button. A form will pop up where you can enter text, links to images or videos, and choose a category to help keep things organized.

As you find Sparks that you really like, you can also share your reactions with the community by clicking on Reaction buttons. Does the spark challenge conventional wisdom? Is it something you never thought of? Does it pose a potential risk or does it provide a potential opportunity? Reactions help take the pulse of the community and identify what’s resonating.
Get an idea while browsing the Imaginarium? Great! Click the “Eureka” button and go to the Workshop to bring that idea to life. You don’t have to base every Workshop idea on a Spark, but the Eureka button is a great way to give credit to a Spark that gave you some inspiration.

The Workshop

The Workshop is where innovative ideas are born. Share your vision for future technologies about robotics and AI, and help improve ideas submitted by other players. Once an idea gets enough support from the community, it moves to the Marketplace.

What can you do in the Workshop?

Contribute your ideas! That’s the focus of the workshop and the main goal of this game. So share as many ideas as you can. The strongest idea posts not only describe the the idea but inform the other players about what makes the idea unique and different from what already exists, how the idea will be used, and the second and third order effects and implications of the idea.

You can also view ideas submitted by other players and suggest improvements. Think an idea will become a reality in 2045? Today? 2060 and beyond? Pin it to the the timeline. Like an idea, and think it would be even better if only…? Improvements are a way to help make good ideas even better. Does the idea inspire you to take the idea in a different direction? Spin off the idea into an idea uniquely your own.

Once an idea reaches 100% (based on a combination of improvements other scores), the idea is eligible for investment in the marketplace. You can still contribute to the idea in the workshop, but now you can put your (play) money where your mouth is.

The Marketplace

Only the best ideas go to the marketplace. Which Workshop ideas would you invest in for 2045? You have $10,000 (editor’s note, not real money) per day to investments in ideas that have reached the Marketplace. Put your venture capitalist hat on and help us find the most innovative ideas in the game!

What can you do in the Marketplace?

Invest in the ideas contributed by your peers. You will receive $10,000 currency per day and you can invest in as many ideas at whatever threshold you feel is appropriate.

When you invest in the marketplace, you can also indicate who would most benefit from this idea in 2045, be it society,the Army, or our adversaries? 

You can also comment under the “Why should others invest” field. We want to hear what you think. If this is an idea worth supporting, let us know. If the idea is good but still has some flaws, give us some suggestions. If you’re the contrarian, let us know why this won’t work, and then propose your own idea in the workshop.

Be mindful that once your funds are depleted for the day, you cannot invest until they are replenished the next morning. You cannot bank the funds from one day to the next so spend freely but spend wisely. That said, you can still play all other aspects of the game and we encourage you to do so.

note: this site/project is a work-in-progress. Please report any bugs or feature requests via the contact page.

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