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Army Operations Exploit Precision Weather Situational Awareness

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The invasion of Normandy was delayed due to weather. As advanced analytics and ubiquitous sensing provide detailed microclimate weather predictions, Commanders will be able to synchronize operations to exploit weather effects. Maneuver Commanders will know exactly when and where the fog will form. They will be able to safely maneuver under that cover of a thunderstorm and will be in position for the assault as the front moves over the enemy lines. Fires might be able to synchronize that artillery duel for when wind and weather are optimal. Helicopters could safely maneuver between thunderheads while enemy Air Defense is suppressed by the weather.

Through cloud seeding, it might be possible for a Meteorological Officer to put his foot on the scales to comply with the Commander’s Meteorological Guidance.

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The idea imagines the implications for battle command of detailed weather predictions plotted virtual 4D space for maneuver operations.

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Weather is no longer an uncertainty for Commanders. Creative Command and Staff come up with tactics to exploit meteorological phenomenon.

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