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Establishes an unemotional objective system that prohibits certain aspects of destructive human behavior and intervenes to prevent such behavior, if necessary with near-lethal force.

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Remember the original version of "The Day the Earth Stood Still"? Klatu's robot "Gort" was one of a race of law-enforcing robots which patrolled the planets and prevented their inhabitants from doing harm to one another. But NOW we may actually have the capabilities to make this real, not Sci-Fi.

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The key issue will be, WHO decides what to program into the robots? WHOSE behavioral standards will be considered "correct"? In some societies that have experienced chaotic past history, a strong ruler and limited individual rights are considered desirable situations. So, what is correct? The Western democracies value individual liberty. Also, what if the robotic law enforcers malfunction or fall under control of an unethical or dictatorial entity or group?

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