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AI research "worms" can be used to generate reports, both standard and customizable, to support planning by the commander and the staff. Using currently available technology, modified for secure networks and military information requirements, the AI trolls multiple databases to collect, collate, and present information. This will allow humans to devote their priority efforts to analysis, reduce the size of command posts, and reduce the electronic signature between elements.

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Currently, headquarters at all levels rely on multiple databases that interface with varying degrees of effectiveness. Each database is reliant on a user to enter the data in the correct way which requires a predetermined field architecture. This reduces the commander's ability to direct rapid changes in information requirements because he/ she has to either rely on (1) currently collective data or (2) customized research which is labor intensive.

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Commanders will be able to establish standard information requirements: combat power reports, logistics reports, weather reports - and the AI will assemble those by going to the database where they are resident, rather than requiring human staffers to manually enter data. When the commander or staff has a specific information requirement, the AI can tunnel through multiple information sources to assemble that report. This will allow humans to devote their attention to analysis.

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