Urban Warfare, Sustainment and Logistics, 2035

Sustainment, Logistics, and the Urban Environment of 2035

Future conflicts in dense urban environments will be intense and unforgiving. Looking towards 2035, what technologies do you think the U.S. Army will use to sustain Soldiers and small units in the urban fight? What technologies will adversaries use to disrupt our freedom of action, constrain our operational reach, and reduce our endurance?


What emerging technologies will radically transform how the U.S. Army handles maintenance and logistics in urban environments?

What will the Army’s medics and other health professionals be able to do in 2035 that they cannot do today?

What technology trends will disrupt how the Army sustains forces in 2035, for better or for worse?

Mobile remote communication nodes
A UAS designed to act as a communications/remote node for HQs. The UAS would communicate with the HQs via a laser beam and conduct irregular repositioning.[...]
Defeating A2/AD using dropship-style technologies
A2/AD is poised to be synonymous with the future OE. NASA has plans to develop permanent lunar basing within the next few decades, and military applications[...]
Gene Drive for Endemic Diseases
Urban conflict will exacerbate endemic disease. Deploy genetically manipulated disease vectors to minimize this threat to both civilians and Service members.[...]
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Critical surgery to save lives
With high-tempo war comes a large injury list that can rapidly convert to a high body count. As specialist Doctors and Surgeons are extremely rare,we [...]
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US Army Drone Racing Team
The Army already has running, rifle shooting, and other athletics teams. When it comes to new sports that rely more on quick reactions more so than conventional[...]
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What about the COBs?
Civilians on an urban battlefield may be the critical logistic challenge. The defender has to care for his population. Without electricity, cities descend[...]
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3d printed swarming drones – factory to the fight
Small drones, working in swarms, could be 3D printed on demand for the sole purpose of swarm attacks in urban locations. A stockpile of printing filament,[...]
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Very Long Baseline Imaging Using Small Drones
Each drone has a sensor. Combine the collective sensor feed of swarming drones in a overlapping mosaic to not only sharpen imagery, but use it as a type[...]
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Urban Biosphere Defenses
Local flora and fauna in a future megacity could be engineered to defend the city, whether plants that change color in the presence of NBC threats, or[...]
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